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National Wildlife Federation - South Central Regional Center

NWF’s South Central Regional Center works to protect the land, water, and wildlife of Texas, and to connect people of all ages with nature.

National Wildlife Federation Logo

44 East Ave, Ste 200
Austin, TX 78701.
Phone: 512-476-9805

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Number: 10622
State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC) Code: 035522
City of Austin Combined Charities Campaign (COACCC) Code: 1851
City of Houston Employees (HCMC) Code: 1496
Houston Independent School District (HISD) Code: 01A3

Administrative Percentage = 21.65%

How your contributions help:

$300 per year provides Eco-Schools materials and curriculum for 8 teachers

$200 per year purchases 70 bags of mulch for Discovery Hill Demonstration Schoolyard Habitat

$100 per year funds 8 participants at a Hike & Seek event

What National Wildlife Federation - South Central Regional Center does:

Creating innovative outdoor classrooms:  NWF is a leader in school-based environmental education through our Eco-Schools and Schoolyard Habitats programs:

Working to restore the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River Delta: In 2012, NWF was instrumental in helping secure passage of the RESTORE Act, which will dedicate fines and penalties from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill to the restoration of the Gulf of Mexico and its coastal areas. NWF is now building support for effective ecosystem restoration projects in Texas. Every hour, another football field of the Mississippi River Delta erodes into the Gulf of Mexico. NWF and its partners are working to ensure the river delta is safe and sustainable for people and wildlife through advocacy and implementation of initiatives to restore the Mississippi’s natural capacity to build land.

Protecting Texas Rivers: Through our Texas Living Waters project, NWF has worked since 2001 to reform the way Texas manages and uses its limited fresh water resources. Our advocacy and education work contributed to the recent historic passage of Proposition 6, the state constitutional amendment to create new funding for water projects. As a result, we now have a real opportunity to implement critical water conservation measures for the benefit of both people and wildlife. Our Texas Living Waters team is committed to protecting the state’s precious rivers, streams and estuaries to better preserve the Texas we love for future generations.

NWF’s Habitat Stewards: This community volunteer program trains volunteers how to create habitat for wildlife and enlists them to promote wildlife gardening by giving presentations, volunteering to create Schoolyard Habitats, writing articles for local media or restoring habitat in a public site.

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