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Get Involved: Workplace Giving Campaigns


Earth Share of Texas supports the work of its 70 participating environmental and conservation organizations by representing them in workplace giving programs throughout Texas. 

Workplace giving is the opportunity for employees to contribute by having their designated amounts deducted from each paycheck. 

Payroll giving is one of the most efficient methods of supporting charitable organizations, because very little of the contribution is spent on administrative or fundraising costs. 

Employees love payroll giving, because it's easier to give small amounts through each paycheck than to write a single check for the same amount. 

Charities love payroll giving, because it provides them with a steady stream of largely unrestricted income throughout the year Check with your payroll or human resources department—or with Earth Share of Texas—to determine if you are eligible to contribute to Earth Share of Texas and its organizations




Earth Share of Texas Participating Organizations with Internal Campaigns

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